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We are a Bulgarian IT company specialized in the development of commercial and warehouse software. With care for every detail, we created “I-CASH” to be the helper of your business.

Discover I-CASH

Works both online and offline

I-CASH is Cloud-based POS software designed to work uninterrupted, even during internet connection issues, due to its two modules.

We customize it for each country

We tailor the software for each country. We have in-house development and are flexible. Adapting I-CASH to local fiscal needs, laws, and language.

Software fiscalisation capability

In countries where legislation requires it we have the option to develop a direct secure connection to the tax authorities in the country.

Global reach

We want to help businesses in your country to grow and thus help you to profit. Annually, we extend our software’s adaptability to new countries, enabling even more opportunities for success.

Our mission is to help companies reduce their costs and operate more efficiently!Our mission is to help companies reduce their costs and operate more efficiently!

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