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Cloud POS software ICASH | Bulgaria

Business software I-CASH is one of our most successful projects in Bulgaria. Thanks to it, our customers make it easier to manage their own business. What makes I-CASH different?

Cloud POS software & Software fiscalization| Albania

In connection with legislative reforms in Albania, we have developed business software that meets all tax authority specifications. Through this approach, fiscalization is done through direct connection with the tax authority. Tax information is quickly and conveniently transmitted from the POS software to the tax authorities in the country.

Cloud POS software | Georgia

We have created a version of our business software designed for the Georgian market. Today, it is one of the best-selling in Georgia.

White label | Viva iBusiness

In addition to software fiscalization, we offer customizing of our services. “Viva iBusiness” is our project designed for the largest telecommunications company in Bulgaria – Vivacom, part of Тhe United Group.

Our main focus is the development of software fiscalization. However, we have developed other types of projects. Find out more!