We are looking for long-term partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We have developed Cloud POS E-invoicing Software that meets the technical requirements set out in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the E-invoicing (Fatoraah) implementation plan in KSA prepared by ZATCA.


What we are working on?

We created a compliant e-invoicing solution for the Saudi Arabian market. Through it, businesses in KSA will be able to generate and store electronic invoices:
• Integrated with Fatoora Portal;
• Following the specified (XML or PDF/A-3 with embedded XML
• Fulfilled with all Phase Two required additional fields

Who is our software for?

How to issue E-invoice from POS (Phase 2).This makes our software extremely suitable for any type of business. The POS module for restaurants, supermarkets, mobile retailers, and the web interface for offices, warehouses, accountants, etc.





Grow your business in KSA with our software


Be our partner in Saudi Arabia

We are looking for a local long term partner in Saudi Arabia who knows the market in the country. We offer you a ready-made product compliant with the latest ZATCA legislative requirements, and we would be happy to receive its market supply from you.

Equality between partners

Spliting the profit

Division of tasks

Get to know our software!

Generate and store all types of e-invoices

Standard Invoice | Simplified E-Invoice | Summary Invoice | Credit and debit note | Self-billing | Third party billing


Manage Your Warehouse

Enter deliveries | Keep track of stock | Manage inventory database | Track reports | Audit| Wastage

Complete security

Your data is in good hands. Secure cloud server. No viruses, no reinstallation, no data loss.


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