Services We Offer

Online services LTD offers combination of services covering wide range of problems that companies are facing in the optimization and management of their corporate information:


Online services is a strategy and design studio. We specialize in brand creation, custom websites, and illustration.


We are developing I-CASH since 2015. From the time we have created hundreds of websites , including many pioneering projects. We are expanding our know-how with each new ecommerce project.


We have created a Pos system that manages cash registers in 5 countries with five different laws.

Services We Offer

Online data transmission: connected fiscal systems

Our end-to-end fiscal compliance solutions meet the needs of jurisdictions that require sales recording systems to be connected online to their tax authorities’ back-end data management systems for remote audit and data analytics. It facilitates picking up compliance signals such as anomalies, deviances, trends and gaps in sales records.


Our generic technology platform is based on the leading Internet of Things components for online encrypted data transmission and storage at the highest security level. It provides secure access to authenticated sales data and user IDs. It supports tax authorities that would like to digitize their tax administration and achieve efficient data collection, monitoring and analysis in any tax compliance sector.

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