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VIVA iBusiness is a software for managing inventory and sales in retail outlets, restaurants and other organizations in the consumer goods sector. The application can be accessed from anywhere, with your data securely protected. VIVA iBusiness can work with a fiscal device, with the software licensed under the new NRA ordinance 18 for recording and reporting sales at retail outlets. The product is provided with a leading Daisy software and fiscal device company.

  • Digitization and modernization of the business;
  • Quickly and easily create an assortment base that is tailored to the company profile;
  • Digital supply and document management;
  • Invoicing module;
  • Defining warehouse policy;
  • Stock entry;
  • Warehouse management;
  • Registration of sales of goods / services and continuous monitoring;
  • Loyal programs;
  • Generation of detailed reports in different directions;
  • 24 Professional support 24/7.

Opportunities to create the structure of the enterprise – retail outlets, warehouses, administration and easier management;