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We are preparing the future of software fiscalisation.

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The essential function of financial software is to help employees keep a close eye on a business’s income and expenses, and record all items in the budget. This can be accomplished ...

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Without limitations. On all devices.


We specialize in fiscal solutions – security technology – for sales recording systems; cash registers (ECR/POS), taximeters, vending machines, transport ticketing kiosks, parking meters, fuel pumps etc. used in a range of business sectors.

Warehouse software

Manage stocks

App Development

Point of sales who manage fiskal devies.

Remote control

Operate your business from anywhare in the WORLD.


They have a solution to every problem and solve everything in minutes.Charles JhonesCharles JhonesMarketing Manager, Aster Media
I needed software to manage my business. Very fast and adequate response. Just days later I changed the old software.Pavlin PanovPavlin PanovManager, Fast solutions LTD
Good team! Nice work.Ivan PetrovIvan PetrovRestaurant owner, Hot Dish LTD


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The company is looking for distributors worldwide to distribute I-Cash.

I-CASH Cloud-based commercial software

Our most popular product. Used by over 5,000 satisfied customers. Works under windows and android. Manages over 10,000 fiscal devices.


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Email: info@online-services.bg